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Crypto currency Telegram TON – a crypto currency from Pavel Durov.

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Earlier, the dismissed employee of Telegram, Anton Rosenberg, said that Telegram wants to enter the ICO procedure and launch its crypto currency on the technology of the lockbox tied to the messenger.

The platform of the crypto currency will be called TON (Telegram Open Network), and the currency itself (ICO token TON) will most likely be called “Gram”.

What is now known and unknown about the TON:

TON emission: unknown

Transaction Confirmation Protocol: PoS – Proof-of-Stake

Mining: there will not be;

Transaction speed: milliseconds.

Endless scalability, “Multi blockchain” separation technology

Telegram – the most promising anonymous messenger from the creator of “VKontakte” Pavel Durov. It differs from competitors in the speed of work, anonymity, advanced API functionality, protection of personal correspondence from hacking and tracking (including from secret services), secret chat rooms, with the possibility of self-destruction of correspondence and anonymity of users. And an unlimited environment for developers, thanks to which useful and interesting bots appear, which make the telegram an “application with applications”. For example, in Iran, with the help of the Telegram, you can not only get the information you need as quickly as possible, but make purchases, order a taxi, use it as an electronic wallet, store your bitcoins. In the “telegraph” you can even run an online store. These, and many other features, make it the most popular anonymous messenger in the world. The audience of the application already makes more than 200 million users and increases constantly on the average by 500 thousand people daily.

Crypto currency telegram TON

The difference between the TON and the others is that the crypto currency is built into the messenger, which can compete with Ethereum. Is it possible to believe this information – is unknown, but at the beginning of next year we will find out whether these rumors were based.

It is noteworthy that recently in an interview with Bloomberg Pavel Durov said that he was going to start monetizing Telegram in 2018 and present something grand already at the beginning of next year. He also said that all the users of the block system and the owners of crypto currency have long since “moved” to Telegram.

The system will be able to infinite scaling. All transactions will occur almost instantly, and at the same time will remain anonymous as in bitcion.

More details in the presentation video TON.

The perspective of TON Telegram’s crypto currency

We have repeatedly seen how all the products and projects produced by the Durov brothers have come to an end, and there is great confidence that this platform will also become one of the most convenient, fast and anonymous projects. And now also on the detachment. This is the most interesting and promising ICO.

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